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We merge people and processes. Our mission is to make your business (more) profitable. We do that through R&D, consulting, teaching and project management in data-driven marketing, process optimisation, social and commerce, all practised by our experts.

Business Audit

Get your business analysed for the most profitable growth points and get a full report including a strategy, tactics, marketing tools and step-by-step implementation of it, accompanied with customized tips from our practice and a full post-service support.

Strategy & Development

Would you want to increase your profitability without huge investments or hiring fulltime managers? Are you trying to readjust your business to the current realm?  We can analyse your business and conduct strategy suggestions with suitable toolset for your business. 

Curated Marketing

Outsourcing or hiring? We came up with a combination. With curated marketing project, we research, strategise and assist implementation of the possible commercial issues a firm could have while building, growing or scaling their business.

Turnkey Marketing Unit

We build you a fully functioning marketing unit or department including support during onboarding. ​With our approach, we will help you realise your goals without overspending. By first looking at the organization and determining goals, we can help you establish your business needs, functional profiles and will help you match (young) professionals to it.

HR Marketing

Human Resources leans all the more towards marketing activities when it comes to onboarding as well as employee satisfaction and ambassador-like offboarding. We develop and help implement employee journeys, offer support frameworks and collaborate on HR Marketing development.

Operational Excellence

We offer a large range of options within consultancy and project management for firms dealing with challenges in operations and logistic processes. Our expertise can be useful to optimise production and operations processes as well as people’s management.

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12 years experience and practical approach


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covering most profit centers in B2B companies


for flawless integration across organisation

About Business Room Co.

Business Room Co. started in 2019 and has now grown into a R&D consultancy in marketing and operational excellence for business owners, managers and young professionals.

We offer business unit development, process optimisation, on- and offline marketing, social commerce and sales, together affecting most profit centers to help you make your business more profitable today and in future.

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