Efficiency Analysis:

Efficiency analysis is an instrument to get more insights about your current operations, supply chain and logistics process efficiency on the machinery and people's level. It will help you understand what to optimise, which tasks to eliminate and which processes to elicit completely for better cost efficiency and optimised workflow.

With this analysis and the report, you will understand what to invest in, and how to implement the best tools for sustainable operational excellence.


1. A preliminary audit of your current situation (IST) with a review of the current process efficiency and how it is reflected in the workflow, and the most desired situation scenario (SOL).

2. Strategic session with our expert to talk through your goals, opportunities and your current possibilities in financial terms and the current human recourse. During the session, you will already get some ad hoc answers and the first insights of your development or optimisation.

3. Within a week, you will be receiving a report including optimisation strategy, your goals decomposed into tasks and a set of methods and tools. We will also attach an implementation plan for you and your team to seamlessly integrate new methods into current workflow.

4. After implementation of your plan, we will review and potentially correct your new process flow and realisation of your plan.

(Optional) 5. Project with guidance and support during implementation with 4 sessions every month and a monthly review report of your progress and results including adaptation advice. Ask our manager for options and prices. Our manager will inform you about options and prices upon first contact.

Price: 1200 EUR excl. VAT


● Reduce labour costs with efficiently set up processes due to clear vision of the current costs for every activity within your business.

● You will be able to eliminate systematic errors possibly causing higher costs and slowing down workflows.

Get a clear vision of the budget spending and understand what to move to use the budgets more efficiently without overspending on unnecessary processes or tasks.

● Readjust tasks and responsibilities according to people's abilities, competences and wishes and get an overall higher employee satisfaction in a motivating environment.

● Set realistic yet efficiency-driven KPI's to get insights in your daily results. You will be able to not only measure, but better adjust and optimise processed based on number instead of subjective data.



Save time

In a short time, you will get guidance to better efficiency and sustainable change. You won't need to read more books, purchase additional training or search any further. You are buying our expertise, and can spend the rest of your time doing what matters to you most.


Step-by-step implementation

We translate complex advice into simple steps and to-do's. You will only have to implement them to start getting results, and no further knowledge is required. We are also there to guide you through your implementation process, in the report as well as with our customer support service.


Quick wins first

We strive to always offer you the most effective tools first. We share the achievable tactics with the best return on investment and the least resources needed, applicable to your business in the best order of implementation. By implementing them in that particular order, you will achieve a stable, solid system that works for your business.



We don't advise to invest, unless we see amazing opportunities. We understand the value of your money, and strive to deliver the most, even with such a small service. And we always strategise with the cheapest options.


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