Bringing science, tech and business together.

The world is rapidly changing, and so does the business environment we are in today. Developments happen with the speed of light which makes it challenging for businesses to readjust. We started a consultancy to help businesses find their way in the world of e-commerce, social media and digital marketing. As the demand grew, we added more services in data-driven marketing, operational excellence and strategic HR.

Our Story

What started as a social media initiative in 2019 has now transformed into an allround business consultancy for entrepreneurs, managers and young professionals. 

We develop and organize professional consulting and education in business processes, on- and offline marketing and sales, and operational excellence.  

Our core thought is that only through research, gathered knowledge and experiment, we can truly gain an understanding of the impact of past, current and future development in commerce, business and consumption.​

We provide research in marketing and sales for our clients and  have our in-house goals to develop new methods and teach businesses what we have learned. 

We believe, every business is different, and approach it as such. We don’t believe nor use template solutions and work on each project with the set of marketing tools that suits particular business goals.

The same value applies to our approach towards our clients and partners, as we adjust our methods to the existing skillsets and knowledge of each individually. Whether you would purchase a single online workshop or a whole marketing project, we won’t leave you behind.

The sustainability of our relations is not the fancy dinners or exchanging Christmas cards. We strive to keep our clients on track by sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience since we know that staying on track, applying and executing new tactics is much more challenging than acquiring them.

We thus value science and academic approach. We put effort into gaining and using knowledge in our project, and at all times approach each client and project individually while building sustainable relationships.​


We do both literature and field research to deliver you extracted and compact piece of knowledge in marketing, operational excellence, social commerce, consumer psychology and sales.​


We test theories and trends in social media and marketing on our own platforms, as well as platforms of our focus group, which gives us insights on how certain methods behave in a niche or market. ​


Knowing something is great, but creating a whole new methodology for certain processes or even business models is what drives us. Synthesizing seemingly incompatible ideas is our distinctive feature.


Behind the scenes, we are constantly creating new learning modules, courses, workshops and work distinctively much on online learning methodologies. ​

Maria Avaguimova

Managing Partner at Business Room Co. Independent Scientist. MA Linguistics, PgD Marketing Management

Maria enjoyed her Bachelor and Master degree in Slavic Linguistics at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, where she graduated in 2012. She had been teaching at the same university in different departments for six years.

Only after switching careers to commerce, working for Dutch Flower Group, as a flower and foliage export account manager and covering all of the Eastern European markets, her commercial ambition gained a boost. In 2019, she started consulting small businesses in commercial communication, social media and business design. In 2020, Maria received her additional education in data-driven marketing and opened this school to the first customers.

The idea of Business Room Co. is to combine consultancy, research and education to bring the most value to customers, readers and course participants.


Partner, Operational Excellence and Leadership Expert

Pim joined in 2021, when we saw the need to help businesses to efficiently organise their expenses to maximize the overall profits.

Pim specializes in warehouse management, process management, direct labour optimisation and innovation in production processes and business development.

He is currently working for one of the world's biggest (pot)plant suppliers located in The Netherlands and supports our school as the process and efficiency management expert.

During his career, he has achieved saving company the budgets in expenses by making processes and direct labour more cost-efficient.