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Applicability of Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to agreements with Maria Avaguimova-Van der Boog as the legal representative of Business Room Co., Chamber of Commerce 64721019, VAT ID NL002427671B90, located at Koestraat 34, 2231JG in Rijnsburg, The Netherlands. 

It is important to read this document before you agree to the terms and conditions. We shall ask for and register your consent at the checkout whilst the responsibility of reading this document stays on your side. At any moment, we can and will refer to the articles of this document.


Owner: the legal representative holding the rights and responsibilities of Business Room Co. Consumer: the person purchasing via www.businessroomco.com or a payment link offered by Business Room Co. Participant: consumer whose payment has been accepted and who is enjoying the product or service purchased.

1. Applicability

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all digital and non-digital products, workshops and courses sold under Business Room Co. unless stated otherwise or additional terms are applied.

1.2 An agreement concerning a purchase or following a course, workshop or training is concluded by written confirmation and the provision of an invoice by Business Room Co.

2. Registration to programs

2.1 All products, courses, workshops and training are held subject to sufficient registrations.

2.2 The owner reserves the right to change the location (platform) and time if necessary. This will always be communicated to all consumer in time and via reliable communication methods.

2.3 The owner holds the right to refuse a consumer (prior or post-purchase) without further explanation, and with a notice and a full refund when applicable. 

2.4 A participant receives an invoice within 24 hours post payment. The invoice is digital (pdf) and is sent by e-mail, which makes your registration final. Registrations take place in the order of first received (applicable to a limited number of places).

2.5 When there is a limited number of places available to a course, registration automatically closes and it is no longer possible to register via the website for the given dates. The owner will contact the consumer and offer the consumer to participate in the next optional dates.  

2.6 When a limited course is full, the consumer can email to sign up for the reserve list. If a place becomes available, the owner will contact the consumer to offer an open place.

2.7 There is no official limit for participation within the scope of the online courses or workshops. When applicable, the limit is established and mentioned per course or workshop. 

3. Purchase and payment

3.1 Payment of products from Business Room Co. takes place a) via the checkout process on the website (webshop), or b) via a payment link leading the consumer to a payment request by the owner for the product or service of Business Room Co.

3.2 Before payment via checkout or payment link, the consumer is obliged to read and agree to the terms and conditions of this document. The unambiguous consent is registered via WooCommerce system on the platform or via email when the link is sent manually. 

3.3 During the payment process, the consumer is legally obliged to present their billing address and contact details as determined by the European legal system. The consumer can read the privacy statement of the owner to see how their personal data is treated. 

3.4 The consumer is asked for their VAT ID number to determine whether tax applies to them. The European guidelines determine that: a) based on the owner’s location, Dutch citizens are obliged to payment including 21% VAT, b) European residents of other EU countries can be tax-exempt when providing their VAT ID, and c) residents outside of EU are exempt of European VAT and are responsible to register their international purchase in the country of their residency where they pay the tax. 

3.5 The owner will control and register payment within 24 hours and will provide the consumer with an invoice including tax rates and legally required information stated by the European government. 

3.6 The consumer remains the right to request a copy of their invoice.

4. Withdrawal and refund policy

4.1 The consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal by filling in the European model form and sending it to maria@businessroomco.com 

4.1.1 The refund policy is only applied before starting the course or the start of using the product. 

4.2 Upon cancellation, costs may be charged: 

4.2.1 Consumers without VAT ID registration (B2C clients) retain the right to refund. There is a statutory reflection period of 14 days. 

4.2.2 If the consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal, the full amount will be refunded as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after termination. 

4.2.3 The right of withdrawal for B2C consumers lapses if the consumer agrees to provide the service within the 14-days and waives his right of withdrawal. When a digital product is purchased, the consumer will have waived his right of withdrawal as agreed to receive the product immediately, and not later than 14 days after his purchase. 

4.2.4 The reflection period does not apply to consumers with VAT ID registration, as they are considered B2B clients. 

4.3 You may search for a replacement and request a transfer of your digital product to another person if providing all necessary data to register the participant.

5. Cancellation or refusal by the owner

5.1 The owner is entitled to cancel the offered product (course, workshop) in case of insufficient participants. If a workshop or course is cancelled or postponed, the consumer will be notified at least 7 days before the start. 

5.2 The owner is entitled to change the date of a workshop or course up to 2 weeks before the start of the workshop or course. The consumer will be informed of this by e-mail. 

5.3 The owner is entitled to replace the teacher or to cancel the offered product (course, workshop). In case of cancellation, the registration will be moved to another date or cancelled at no cost and any course fees paid will be refunded depending on the nature of the course. 

5.4 The owner is entitled to refuse the participation of a consumer at any time without further explanation.

6. Participation and/or usage of the product

6.1.1. Consumer becomes participant by accepted payment and acquires access to the learning platform of Business Room Co..  

6.1.2 Access to the learning platform is open until the agreement between the owner and consumer stands. This is noted in the course description in terms of the access period. This period starts from the first day of access to the purchased product. 

6.1.3 Participant is allowed to log in and use the platform at any moment within the access period and as much as the participant requires. 

6.1.4 Participant is allowed to download the files from the learning platform which are meant to be downloaded – the PDF files, tables and other written materials. 

6.1.5 Participant is allowed to contact the owner (support) at any time during their access period for any support within the scope of the product. 

6.2.1 All course materials and additional documentation are protected by copyright and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise reproduced and / or made public unless otherwise indicated. The participant is not entitled to transfer or use any course, workshop, training or training material, on which rights, as referred to above, belong to the owner Maria Avaguimova-Van der Boog to third parties. 

6.2.2 Participants are responsible to observe secrecy towards third parties from all information they receive from fellow students, and of which the students and participants must understand the confidential nature. 

6.3.1 Every participant has the right to support within the scope of the product and the period during access to the product. 

6.3.2 Misuse of the support option will be determined by the owner as objectively as possible, and communicated to the participant and limiting the participant of that support. 

6.3.3 Feedback on the course materials and assignments is offered within the scope of the product to participants who have accomplished to pay for that option. 

6.3.4 The amount of feedback is decided by the owner as objectively as possible. Misuse of feedback option will be communicated to the participant, without participant being limited in the purchased feedback option. 

6.3.5 Feedback is provided on a) all assignments presented by the owner, b) all extra assignments presented by the owner, c) questions and requests by the participant when the owner can provide such feedback. 

6.3.6 Questions or requests outside of the scope of the purchased product can be refused by the owner as it is considered additional consult. 

6.3.7 Feedback and support are given and offered via email. 

6.4.1 Any complaint or unwanted experience should be communicated to the owner by emailing to maria@businessroomco.com 

6.4.2 Submitting a complaint does not release the participant from their payment obligation. 

6.4.3 The complaint will be processed within 7 days after submission. The owner will, by all means, try to offer the best possible solution to the complaint. 

6.5.1 The owner is not liable for personal damage to participants or their property, nor any liability resulting from events during the workshop or course. 

6.5.2 All materials of products are considered as being informative and educative. None of the information can be considered as direct advice and has to be filtered by every entrepreneur, business or individual through the prism of their goals and actions. The owner is thus not responsible for any result of an action by the participant within their business. 

6.5.3 The owner is not liable for the (not) achieved results of the participant, or any consequence of using the information presented in products, courses and workshops.

7. Intellectual property and copyrights

7.1 All products, materials, feedback and the platform are the intellectual property of the owner and carry copyright.  

7.2 All methods and ideas conducted by the owner cannot be commercially used or shared with third parties, as it is the intellectual property of the owner. 

7.3 Violation of the copyright of this intellectual materials by downloading (unless otherwise stated), video recording, photographing, and spreading these materials will be prosecuted. 

7.4 By violating copyright of Business Room Co., the violating party will be prosecuted by the maximum amount of 83.000 euro.

8. Contact

For further questions, please contact Maria Avaguimova- Van der Boog (maria@businessroomco.com) 

Latest update: 6th May 2021

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